Erin is great at helping you declutter your closet!
Ericka, Granger, Indiana
My vacation was so easy after Erin packed for me. She gave me a lookbook of outfits so I wouldn’t have to think when getting dressed for each occasion. She even fit a weeks worth of outfits into a carry on for me!
Julie B. Granger, Indiana
I had a great experience working with Erin as my stylist for a photoshoot. She asked questions that I never considered to ask myself when I put my outfits together. She went into detail from colors that suit me, fabrics I like and don’t like, what I would like to accentuate and what to stay away from, among other things. Nothing of the process felt rushed. The outfits she put together for me in our inspiration board had ME all over them. I couldn’t believe she was able to put my thoughts onto paper and pictures. When I wore those outfits, I felt stylish and like I had finally found outfits that fit my personality. She opened the door for me to finally put time and care in my wardrobe and now I am saving so I can redo my entire closet! She inspired me.
Estephanie, South Bend, Indiana
Erin has a special gift for organizing and seeing things that I don’t. Not only did she organize my closet she inspired me to get rid of other things and helped me to decorate!
Gabrielle, Kokomo, Indiana
Erin is so easy to work with! My closet is so organized now. I love getting dressed.
Amanda, St. Joseph, Michigan

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